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The #WebComicChat Facebook group is specifically for networking, participating in and/or creating activities for comic lovers, and asking comic related questions. DO NOT use this group for unsolicited self-promotion. Instead, use the Subreddit, or Twitter for self-promotion.For our Sunday Questions on Twitter, use the #WebComicChat hashtag to ensure your tweets are seen in the discussion by all participants. Reply to @WebComicChat to keep the conversation threaded. If you don't like using Twitter, our questions can also be answered on the WebComicChat Subreddit.All questions are available via the WebComicChat Twitter account. The questions are also archived on the WebComicChat Subreddit.Sunday chat is fun, but can be very fast. If chat is going too fast, you can answer the questions towards the end of the chat, or just after the chat. There’s no such thing as late in #WebComicChat; you are welcome to participate at any time. If this is still uncomfortable, or you have a disability that makes the Twitter format inaccessible, try our Subreddit instead.Anyone can participate in #WebComicChat regardless of skill level, genre, specialty or even involvement in comics. Print comic creators, as well as fans and supporters, agents and publishers, are welcome to participate. We don’t exclude people, period.On Sunday chat you don’t need to respond to the Qs directly, as long as you stay on topic.If you want to share your chat answers with people not familiar with #WebComicChat, or on non-chat days, you may RT the Qs along with your answers. Just make sure to include the hashtag with your response.On times when there isn’t formal chat in progress, you may use the #WebComicChat hashtag or the WebComicChat Subreddit to answer past Qs, promote your work, share tips, or ask questions about comic creation.Job and collaboration posting, as well as article sharing is heavily encouraged at the Subreddit.This post will be updated as needed.


Connect With Us:

About #WebComicChat

What is #WebComicChat?

An inter-community networking hashtag and event that embraces the diversity of the many various webcomic communities! You can follow the bot at @WebComicChat on Twitter to easily locate our Q&A and news.

WebComicChat was founded in 2014 by Michael Dambold. His vision, in his words:
"When I began WCC, I wanted an open place for people to share their techniques and tips and tricks.
Also, a place where people can connect with others and not feel so singular in their approach."

WebComicChat continues to provide a neutral ground for lovers of comics promoted online, whether they are entire communities, individual fans, artists, writers, or other professionals touched by magic of sequential art.

Who made the logo?

WebComicChat's current logo was designed by Vas, Shiz, Neil and Illiya in a collaborative effort inspired by original designs created by the anonymous team behind Chat the #WebComicChat cat and Jon Esparza's #WebComicChat bot.

Who are the Mods?

Chat the #WebComicChat cat, CHAT the #WebComicChat Bot, and a small crew of volunteers who help out here and there. If you want to volunteer, please contact us.

How can I participate?

Follow the #WebComicChat tag on Twitter, Sundays at 1:30PM Central Time, or drop in at any of our social media accounts any time!

How long do chats last? What happens if I miss one?

The official chat time is Sunday from 1:30PM Central Time and chats run for one hour. Please keep in mind that times will be affected by Daylight Savings in the United States.

You are welcome to tweet under the #Webcomicchat tag and/or answer the questions at any time and any day.

Do I have to show up for every chat in order to be a part of this event?

Of course not! We understand that life happens.

You’re welcome to participate whenever you feel like it, even if it’s just for a couple of tweets. Our goal is for webcomic artists to use the chat as an opportunity to network and mingle with other artists at their leisure.

Can I organize a comic-related event similar to WebComicChat?

Not only do we want you to organize such an event, we encourage it and give you our blessing. The whole point of the #WebComicChat hashtag is to help independent comic creators and communities to gain greater awareness for their craft. The development of new communities and hashtags helps us advance this goal even further.

I’m currently working on a comic, but it hasn’t premiered yet / won’t be published online. Can I still participate?

Yes! Please do!

We feel that #WebComicChat is a great opportunity to let others know what you’re working on! Everyone is welcome, even webcomic enthusiasts, writers, and print comic creators.

While our chat does primarily focus on webcomic creation, there are often topics focusing on comic craft and other areas around comics in general.

I’m not available during the timeframe that the #WebComicChat takes place on Twitter. Can it be rescheduled?

Unfortunately it is impossible to find a time that works perfectly for all creators, although you can always tweet under the #WebComicChat tag to share your responses with others when you are available. The questions can be answered on Reddit at any time, however, so we do aim to accomodate you.


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